Saturday, November 12, 2016

Carl Sagan Wax - Curious Crow at High 5 Cannabis

Carl Sagan Wax - Curious Crow at High 5 Cannabis
I've seen this orange and white logo a few times now, and this is my first time picking up the brand. I got this at High 5 Cannabis at their Halloweed. No one is throwing as many amazing Friday (and Monday and some Tuesday!) #VendorDays where you can come, meet growers and extractors, and get deals on the best selection of cannabis in Vancouver, WA.  Plus, there are glassblowers and a food truck - Southern Dawgs!

 I'm glad the packaging includes a silicone insert inside of their acrylic case. It'll be easier to get all the cannabis extract out. I also like how the white insert allows you to get a great view of the color of the product.

The aroma on this concentrate is rich up close. It's earthy with an orange hint. It's texture is waxy at first. When colder and cut, it has a somewhat crumbled looking texture at the edges. When worked a bit, it rolled into a blob nicely.

A rich earthiness fills the flavor, like vital backyard soil. With it, there's a wide-mouthed pine plank note, and the end has a banana to it. The mouthfeel is like the aftertaste of hard candy.

Instantly, this hits with a massive wobbly, spinning feel. After the centrifuge stops in your brain, it ends up centered completely.  There's a nice face-forward intelligence to it. This is spacey, too, with long thoughtful trains of stonerthoughts leading off into the universe.

I was the only smoker of this effected this way, but I got seriously yawny, and my eyes watered hard every time I dabbed this. Like tears flowing and soaking into my beard, 10 straight minutes of big yawns all in a row.  It was really odd, but it's a consistent reaction to this over several sessions.

Overall, the flavor profile was interesting. Texture was nice, effects were heavy duty. I'm definitely going to get more Curious Crow!

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