Thursday, November 17, 2016

Cherry Wonka - Green Barn Farms

Cherry Wonka - Green Barn Farms
Green Barn Farms was one of the first legal marijuana brands to be sponsors of and we love everything about this company. They are committed to the best cannabis that is all natural, sungrown, and amazing quality.  Not to mention, they make the absolute best moroccan hashish in Washington's recreational cannabis market. We have awesome reviews of some coming very soon! Thanks Green Barn for the love and support, and thanks for the incredible product to smoke and shoot.

The first thing you notice is how startlingly bright white the trichome heads are on this. The hairs are stark, crisp, dark orange, and the flower itself is very firm.

Aroma on this is skunky and sweet. Up close, dark, rich cherry is present and there is a palpable funk. There's a bit of a rosemary sensation to it, without that smell. Breaking it down, the skunk and dark cherry both brighten up and get very rich.

Like basically every single other strain by Green Barn that we've encountered, smoking this is an incredible journey through the high. On the front, the bright cherry flavors come through, then they morph quickly into a sharp marionberry that stays through the smoke. Faint notes of dark chocolate rise through repeatedly, becoming more and more pronounced through to the end of the bowl. The last high was some dark 80% cacao. It was deep.

High on this came on like Jiffy Pop, the top of your skull pop - pop - popping up almost explosively. This had a solid sideways, wobbling feel. Once the top of my head actually popped open, a warm, calming spread throughout me, and my legs and back relaxed deeply.

Overall, the rich fruit and chocolate flavors on this cannabis were intense and enjoyable. The high was super well balanced in head and body. Legs were decent, and the ethos and love of this cannabis is apparent.

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