Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dutch Treat - Rootworx

Dutch Treat - Rootworx
It is fantastic seeing this amazing Dutch Treat on the shelves of Lucid. Rootworx is one of those brands I can pick up anything from any store and it's fire. Their glass jars let you look in and see how beautiful the product is. 

This treat is so hairy it's ridiculous. Each hair is sturdy, thick, and bright orange. The flower is such an amazing array of lively, luscious greens. White crystals abound and are crusted throughout the flower.

Inside the jar the flower is a sweet, rich diesel aroma. Breaking it open, that diesel explodes and fills the room. It's a bit crazy how wide this spreads. It's lemony-bright, too.

Inhaling the flower is definitely diesel, with a light citrus tone. It's really pleasant. This lemon tone smooths out and vegetative flavors take over in the remains of the bowl.

The high on this is steady, with an uplift to clarity. This gave me exceptional, clean body relaxation. This clarity continued, while the body effects seemed short lived.

Overall, the appearance and aroma were outstanding, and bright. The high was potent with long legs, in part. I love this - and I went to grab a couple more grams right after we smoked this.

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