Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Floyd's Treasure CO2 - Sunshine Farms at High 5 Cannabis


Floyd's Treasure CO2 - Sunshine Farms at High 5 Cannabis
We just had this awesome new brand on a review for High 5 Cannabis. I was there on #GreenFriday, the owner told me about this incredible stuff, exclusive to High 5 in the area. 

Opening this up, the color is a clean rootbeer barrel, slightly more orange. The texture is firmly goopy, like CO2 often can be. There's a nice stickiness when you interact with it, and a tool that is just the least bit warm makes it quite liquidy. Low melting point. The aroma on the concentrate is faint. It's a moderately sweet, slightly caramel. 

On the inhale, this has a brief pink bubblegum which instantly changes to a black pepper flavor. That pepper sticks around for a while, with a stinging nasal bite after the exhale. The taste stays back in the sinuses with black pepper. 

The back of my eyes started watering, and there's a mild burn throughout.  That burn sticks for a while and it's really cathartic at the end. It's nosy stuff. Through it all, that pepper taste stays. Spicy and pleasant! Underneath it all is sweetness.

Right away, this slows you down. This is some sit back and quiet down concentrate. The high is calming. A forgetful fog of stoned settled around the table. The content, happy, chill had short legs, for all the intensity. 

I don't often dab CO2. This delicious concentrate with it's sweetness and interesting pepper sensation and flavor. The effects were potent and overall wonderful. I love this stuff, and remember High 5 is the only place in Vancouver to get this delicious stuff.

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