Sunday, November 27, 2016

Gorilla Glue #4 Shatter - From the Soil at North Bay MJ

Gorilla Glue #4 Shatter - From the Soil at North Bay MJ

We just recently reviewed the flower that made this incredible concentrate, and it was remarkable! The shatter is dank too. I love how this brand packages their product. It comes in these great glass jars with corks to close, and I keep repurposing these. This jar holds some dab tools.

Opening this up, there's a really clean aroma. It's pulsating with a traditional Gorilla Glue funk. The product has a crisp texture, it flakes off and out of the acrylic relatively well. With just a bit of work, it softens up significantly and a citrus aroma expands.

On the inhale, there's a warm amber flavor. It has the traditional side of the mouth Gorilla Glue flavor and afterfeel. The taste is very clean, truly well processed. There is not even a bit of a hint of remaining solvents. With that, there's essentially no aftertaste.

The high on this is instantly uplifting and energetic. I wanted to do and accomplish! This straightened my thoughts out well, and gave me a serious focus. I accomplished quite a bit.

Overall, this was remarkable. It's got excellent aromas and flavors (therefore terpenes), and the high is proficient to say the least. It's up in the head and moving!  I love this product and the price is amazing at North Bay.

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