Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Huckleberry Mountain Hashish - Green Barn Farms

Huckleberry Mountain Hashish - Green Barn Farms
Ain't no one doing Moroccan Hashish as well as Green Barn Farms is. They start with the kief from their incredible sungrown, Clean Green Certified flower. Then, following traditional methods, they do magic and create wonderful hashish. We enjoyed this around a session of #StonersofCatan.

In the small acrylic jar this comes in, this made an awful clanging racket whne I shook it around. It sounded rock hard. Opening the jar and barely manipulating it, this is somewhat malleable. Once you start playing with it, it has a nice mashy texture - especially once pressed down into the bowl. It's like slightly dry polenta.

The aroma is sweet, with a toasted, warm, kiefy tone all over, with a bit of bitter, rough lemon undertones. A pale berry sticks to the hash close, but becomes very apparent when it's mashed down a bit.

On the inhale, this has a sweet, earthy taste. This flavor holds up throughout all the smoke. Darting in and out of the interesting flavor tones, there's a sweet berry, very deep and dark and elusive. Some tokes had a bitter old lemon rind component to it, that was a nice sharp contrast to the toasty earthiness that prevailed. This is such a smooth smoke - like velvet on the exhale.

Before the hashbowl got roasting seriously, we were all roasted seriously. This is strong, for all that it's not nearly as potent as concentrates we dab on. This took us quickly with deep eye high, and an overall chill. The calming sensation spread through the body, and turned into an all over relaxation. Legs on this are sleepy, and long. This put me down, time and time again.

Overall, this is amazingly potent. The flavors are clean, pleasant, and notably complex. This hashish does all that it needs to, and it's made with some of the most ecologically, lovingly, naturally, locally grown cannabis in Washington. I'm proud to be sponsored by this incredible company, that also does much for their local communities in the form of donations and volunteer work. Give a click on their name at the top of this post, to see their site!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it! We've got eight strains of hashish currently including some old school and landrace strains. Wild Thai, Maui Waui, Blueberry, Jack Herer and more. The cleanest, greenest concentrate on the market.