Saturday, November 26, 2016

Master Yoda Shatter - Heavenly Buds at High 5 Cannabis


Master Yoda Shatter - Heavenly Buds at High 5 Cannabis

I don't keep it a secret that Heavenly Buds is a top favorite legal marijuana brand in my household. My wife loves the stuff, and all their strains are straight out exactly what I need them to be. This is also true of the incredible concentrates which are extracted in collaboration with our friends at Honu.

Opening the package, this amber/gold shatter has an incredible aroma of Fruity Pebbles. The stuff is obviously clean throughout all parts of the grow and process. How do I know that? Look at it, smell it. It has such a complex terpene profile, and such a stable product. It's a firm shatter and crisp on the break.

The inhale is ultimately smooth, with an immediately earthy flavor, like rich river mud. Throughout the exhale are chocolate notes, and a bright orange peeks through near the end. It has a massive sinus cavity draining effect.

Gogogoggo! This is some uplifting, rocket-headed stuff. Blast off! This quick, uplifting sativa is some get shit done dabs! Thanks Chad and Windy this is what I need, you got me! This is intense mental and physical brightness.

Overall, this stable, clean product is tasty and pleasant. The effects intense both mentally and physically. Legs on this were very long. This is straight out one of my favorite, most intense of all time sativa dabs. I want more, all the time.

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