Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Nightmare Cookies - SKÖRD at the Freedom Market

Nightmare Cookies - SKÖRD at the Freedom Market

This is the first time this brand is in a review, although we definitely got to try some when we slabbed the whole afternoon away at Seattle HempFest.

This cannabis is intensely frosted. Holy shit. The colors on this are insane. The greens are truly bright, lighter than pale mint, and the purples are rich, vibrant, and clean. Some angles on this cannabis glimmer blue. It's intense. We see a lot of cannabis, and rarely does the whole table go "WOOAAH!" like this. Crystals flake off everywhere, with the least little motion.  The trichomes are big, with bright white heads.

The flower has a gardeny smell, with strong hashy tone throughout. There's a soft, slightly sweet berry in the middle that comes out when manipulated. Along the edges of the aroma, there's a crisp, brut champagne pop for just a moment.

Smoking this, there's a strong, tight throat hit. Flavor is really not a component here. It's got a generally "weed" flavor with hash edges, obviously from that insane frosting of trichomes. There is a solid lip-tingle sensation from this.

The high is pretty intense, starting in the eyes. It rose into a centered, stoney high with a great, dumb smile. This morphed into a heady intensity, which was short lived, as you might expect with intense sativa.

Overall, this was beautiful cannabis, with intense effects. Flavor just isn't my bag, but plenty of smokers love this traditional 'weed' flavor with intense hashy sides. The high was hardcore, did I mention that? Really a great cannabis product, and some of the prettiest buds.

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