Monday, November 28, 2016

Phantom Cookies - Sunshine Farms at High 5 Cannabis

Phantom Cookies - Sunshine Farms at High 5 Cannabis
This is the first of this brand that I had at my table, and it was recommended several times by the team at High 5 Cannabis. Since this first purchase, I've had it on the table several times and I have some awesome product coming up soon from them!

First things first - this is so purple. It's incredible.

Look at the label on this, and the numbers listed. This is the first time I've seen a brand list a range of numbers on their label. I hope everyone in i502 begins to do this, immediately.

Opening the bag, a warm smell emanates. It's savory, like beef jerkey or stew cooking in another room. That fades rather quickly and evolves into a more sweet purple-indica, rich stonefruit and grape.

On the smoke, this has a truly sweet note, with slight lemony tones throughout. Throughout the smoke it's grapey. Like a heavy syrup.

Quickly this comes up like a warm, slow vice on the sides of the head. It lets loose quickly and becomes a soothing calm. Warm relaxation spreads, starting from ridiculously high eyes. The high gets silly, giggles ensue, and the relaxation continues.

Overall, this is great cannabis. It has magnificent color, aroma, taste, effect, and value. I will come back to this brand again and again, for sure!

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