Monday, November 21, 2016

Tahoe OG - Rootworx at High 5

This intense strain was a great deal at High 5 Cannabis, my favorite store in Vancouver, WA. Rootworx is a long-time friend and sponsor. The team there is committed to the best possible product every time, and they're definitely doing it with this fine sample!

Opening the jar is a citrus-pie smell. There's diesel with a fantastic cranberry juice aroma. It's got a bready component to the end of the aroma.

A straightforward, grape syrup is the primary flavor component on the inhale. There's an interestingly unique flour tortilla taste. There's an incense or perfumey aftertaste. The end of the bowl had a faintly bitter end.

The high is a winding storm of swirling euphoria. There's a long, hard, spinning sensation which mellows down to a centralized calmer happy euphoric wobble. Seriously intense.

Overall, the legs on this were magnificent and lead to a sleepy end. The flavor profile was bright and complex, and I really enjoyed the ride! I got more of this for the next party session.

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