Saturday, December 10, 2016

Blue Dream Wax - Made Right at North Bay MJ


Blue Dream Wax - Made Right at North Bay MJ
I got this at North Bay Marijuana up in Allyn, WA. The day I went there, they had just hung up a piece showing how they'd been voted the Best in Mason County and Belfair by the Mason County Journal!

We had the Sour Diesel wax up for review previously, from Made Right Brands. They're definitely consistent, and the overall quality at the price point remarkable. Opening this one up, right away, it feels like a great gram! There's a big fat piece and many smaller pieces. The texture on this crumbly wax is so fluffy it feels like way more than a gram. The color on this is all over the place, from a pale yellow to dark dark amber, verging on brown.

Aroma is faintly like lemon zest, and on the inhale it's heavily like orange and lemon zest and grapefruit all punching you in the mouth at once. On the exhale it has a huge cheesy texture, like soft cheese.

This is a high level, heady high. This is frontal thoughts, and pulls forward. Attentive, with presence very front and center. The high is very fast, and the legs are short.

Overall, this is great cannabis. Texture, flavor, effect were all spot on. It may be the legs were short because of the texture. The fluffy nature of the product leads to it seeming larger, so maybe the dabs we were taking weren't as much concentrate, even though they were as large as our normal dabs.  That's just a thought as I sit here stoned, writing this review.

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