Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Bubble Bomb - Heavenly Buds at High 5 Cannabis

Bubble Bomb - Heavenly Buds at High 5 Cannabis

We love our #stonerfam at Heavenly Buds and every strain we've reviewed is outstanding. I had the awesome opportunity to hang out at High 5 Cannabis last Friday, when they had @SITKAgold, another premier cannabis brand, hanging out and presenting their product. I was there doing something pretty unique, which I bet I'll do again, guest Budtending!

I had a blast, and other #cannaseurs I know came in - @_misfitmama_ and @Spliff_Huxtable I'd love to share some of my Instagram moments with you from that day, but my account @theAgingEnt was deleted Saturday morning, then I made @AgingEnt420 and it got pulled down by Monday morning. We'll see about this, but in the near future I'm going to be making many more youtube videos!

Breaking this up, the smell is sweet with crisp vegetative brightness. There's a definitive bubblegum aroma in the hashy, keifiness. Trichomes are everywhere on this and it is so frosted.

On the inhale, the flavor is hashy-tasting with a nice, smooth body. The whole smoke has a bubblegum sweet undertone. A crisp green vegetative bite rides the edges.

A slow, mellow high hits all over at once, with increasing presence in the eyes, jaw, and joints. I felt relaxed and chill. This was great TV watching stone, I watched the mid-season Finale of The Walking Dead with Mrs. the Ent. I was stoned but well awake throughout the high. This had nice long legs, and at the end I was very sleepy.

Overall, the flavors and profile of this are exactly what you'd expect from the THC Bomb and Bubble Gum cross. It's also got heavy duty indica effects that are perfectly chill, to a restful end. I love this for movies and relaxing with music. Definitely a favorite, and I'm glad they returned this to the recreational market!

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