Monday, December 26, 2016

Critical 47 - Lost Lake Gardens at North Bay MJ


Critical 47 - Lost Lake Gardens at North Bay MJ

When visiting #BadSanta and #NaughtyMrsClaus, budtender Heather at North Bay literally pushed this into my hands and said "You have to try this!" and she is - as always - right on point. My first response to this was "Wow!" This is definitely something special!

The flower itself has got beautiful color, a huge range of my favorite marijuana greens. The orange hairs are idealistic and everywhere. Every break of bud, every section, inside, outside, just hairs all over. And this is just a gram of pot. Look how much there is - fluffy!

The smell is like a freshly opened box of Trix, with a sweet skunkiness undertone. The inhale is a ridiculously complex fruit-cereal, complete with a breadiness in the bottom palate. I'm impressed with the skunkiness that comes through and at the end, that's what stays with you.

The high is clear headed, with slightly stoney eyes. I loved the calm that came along here and the mental clarity that accompanied it. These effects are fantastic and present.

Overall, the aroma on this is fantastic, I was impressed with the appearance of the buds, and the flavor is intense. The effects are magnificent, and Heather is on point. This is some wow.

Correction: Originally this said budtender Holly handed this over to me, but in fact it's one of budtender Heather's favorites, and she requested this review!

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