Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Grapefruit Skunk Terp Sugar - Oleum Extracts at High 5 Cannabis

Grapefruit Skunk Terp Sugar - Oleum Extracts at High 5 Cannabis

When my favorite pot shop in town has got an #VanWA exclusive, you know I'm on it! Right now, I didn't get the ridiculous $150/half gram Oleum 4 month-old Wizard Stones. This brand is know for their ultralux product and even with this lowest-priced Oleum I have ever seen, the quality is absolutely apparent.

The texture on this is firm and really grainy, like candle wax and sugar. It smooshes nicely but stays somewhat clumped. It's really dry, and with the least pressure reforms with itself.

A rich, skunky aroma emanates from the concentrate. On the inhale, that same skunkiness is a pungent undertone that swells through a soft, sweet grapefruit and then overwhelms the citrus tones. This skunk tone sticks to the air after the vapor cloud is gone. At the end, a bright poppy grapefruit returns sweetly.

Almost immediately, a calm settles. This is chill. Moments in, my brain felt like it had been flattened and no thoughts could rise out of it. I melted, relaxing, into my chair and just stuck there staring into space, not thinking at all, just Being. This was intense, and profound chill, with a nice introspection throughout.

Overall, I was stuck in my chair, chilled and slowed down profoundly by this remarkably tasty, cleanly prepared terp sugar. I'm really glad that my sponsor, High 5 Cannabis, has Oleum exclusively in Vancouver, WA (for now at least!) and you can pick up a range of this high end product, including their terp-dripping concoctions. I'm definitely getting more for review and enjoyment.

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