Saturday, December 3, 2016

Plushberry - Forbidden Farms at North Bay MJ


Plushberry - Forbidden Farms at North Bay MJ

We love the cannabis from the professional brothers at Forbidden Farms and their amazing team. These guys have got some of the absolute best cannabis around, every time. They were our sponsor for some time as well! Take a look at that high total cannabinoids number! That's huge.

Opening the bag, this cannabis has an incredible smell like pink lemonade. Breaking it down, it's got a sweet flower-petal note with serious sour note at the end of the smell.

There is just a crusting of trichomes all over this, with these bunches of pale orange hairs everywhere in the lime-green and foresty-hued buds.

On the inhale, this is clean vegetation, good burning weed. There's soft sweetness throughout, and that sour note is heavy at the end.  There's a Country Time Lemonade taste accompanied by mouthfeel that stays around for a very long time. This burns clean.

There's very fast onset of a heady, cotton-covered braininess. Everything went foggy for a bit, with a serious relaxation. This is so chillaxed, we had to sit down and stop talking for a while. This was calming, and chilled us out so well.

Overall, this dank weed has got an intense aroma and even better flavor. The high hits fast and is heavy duty, living up to those high test results. The end of this was yawny with a nap.

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