Friday, December 30, 2016

Super Lemon Haze Rosin - Rootworx at North Bay MJ

Super Lemon Haze Rosin - Rootworx at North Bay MJ

This incredible rosin was in a recent #LateNightDabs and I reviewed the gorgeous flower this came from as well. I wanted to be sure that this exceptional product got a real review, with dabporn. I thought long and hard about whether or not to repeatedly post about the same strain, same product.

I often say that Rootworx is putting out some of the best rosin on the i502 market, and this is a clear example of it. The product is stable as can be - a solid shatter that broke before it got to my desk. Honestly, I didn't even check in the store - I like an unfiltered retail experience usually. The fragile quality of it makes me think this would be similar in all the packages.

This product is incredibly clear and obviously clean. There's little to no particulates anywhere and it breaks well. The aroma is citrus and rosemary when it breaks or warms up.

On the inhale, there's a huge lemon down the sides. This is intense citrus flavor with a slightly earthy edge. It's sweet and ends with almost a floor cleaner intensity of citrus, a rare taste for solventless dabs for sure.

The high is uplifting and energetic. It's center in the face and mind. Side of my head and ears were felt heavily. Great uplift with intelligence and a fun smile.

Overall, this is an exceptional rosin product, and pricing was great too! Expect to pay a bit more for this stuff because the pricing here was a pre-Christmas special! Obviously, this is a favorite strain and coming back for more of this again and again.

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