Friday, December 9, 2016

SR-71 Blackberry Kush Wax - Bodhi High at High 5 Cannabis


SR-71 Blackberry Kush Wax - Bodhi High
Sam from Bodhi High was on the Marijuana Encyclopedia, and this is one of the concentrates he brought along.  This fantastic quality product just knocked my socks off.

Opening the small glass jar, there is a deep, rich, wild funk. It's like an animal ruttiness. This is intense. Deep below that is a fruity-flowery. Pungent does not begin to cover it.

The texture is rich, with globules with a greasy terpene-rich oil sheen. The product parts like marmalade.

On the inhale, it's hibiscus flower drink flavor, hugely fruit-floral and potent. In our podcast, I mispronounced Jamaica (Ha-MAY-ca) as Jacaima, and some other nonsense! That's the name I know the drink by. This stuff is intensely flavored and complex. The flavor stuck around for such a long time! There's also a really strong presence of lemons, like rich lemon-essence. Mouthfeel also lasted quite a long time, and it was interestingly very much like CO2.

The high fairly exploded in my brain. I got Sam to dab this, he normally only dabs high-CBD concentrates, and this hit him hard too! DabTechDanny's brain went the other way and imploded on him. A few minutes in, the back of my eyeballs had to yawn so hard. It was intense.

Overall, this was incredible product. The aroma was mind-blowing, the flavors were more intense than anything else I've dabbed this week, and the high was a depth charge in the center of my brain. I'm definitely going to be getting more of this!

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