Monday, December 19, 2016

Super Lemon Haze - Rootworx at High 5 Cannabis

Super Lemon Haze - Rootworx at High 5 Cannabis
Rootworx has been on the Marijuana Encyclopedia multiple times, they're sponsors who have helped support from right about as soon as I really started taking it a little seriously. They're committed to putting out the absolute best cannabis. And this strain in particular is Plant Manager Anna's favorite - she loves the sweetness and relatively mild sativa effects.

Considering that Ryan, COO and Lead Horticulturalist, says that Rootworx is generally Indica-dominant, they are nailing a wide array of Sativas, and this is just one more incredible strain that is perfect every time.

Opening the jar, the bright lemony smell of well-developed terpenes wafts out. Rootworx cold-cures their product, which seems to me to result in a more robust product. The bright orange hairs are basically carrot colored, and they are plump and prominent. The hairs are also flexible. These buds are a dark green with perfectly white and clear trichomes everywhere.

Breaking it open, the bud crumbles nicely, and these hairs hold up as well. The lemon aroma is accompanied by rosemary hues and a sweet vegetative crispness.

On the inhale the lemon is present throughout, so bright it's like the zest of an ultra-ripe tiny little sweet lemon right across the tongue. Exhaling, that sweetness mellows and a clear bite of almost-medicinal rosemary peeks through with a spicy-nutmeg end. It has a nice almost mulling spice flavor that rides within the lemony tone of the aftertaste.

This beautiful, bright sativa provides an almost instant bubbling uplift. This rises up with a smile and a great lower-eye lifting sensation that gives the traditional stoned-eye look. I get a great active and dancey feel with this cannabis. This is definitely a good-times pot!

Overall, the flavors of this well-grown cannabis are incredible and hugely present. The high is exactly right, and legs are decent, with a nice positive tone overall and a smooth end. I love this strain and it's definitely a good-to for good times with friends or a nice afternoon pick-me-up.

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