Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cherry Wonka Hashish - Green Barn Farms

Cherry Wonka Hashish - Green Barn Farms

I love the incredible sungrown, #WayBeyondOrganic flower that Green Barn Farms puts out. They're dedicated to sustainable, ecologically careful cultivation of amazing cannabis. The flower of this had huge chocolate notes and cherry tones throughout. This just for fun version has delicious rosin poured on top and then sprinkled in sparkling kief.

Now is a good time to mention that Green Barn Farms has, hands down, the best Moroccan-style pressed hashish on the i502 market. This one in particular had a really mushy texture and that was all held together by the awesome rosin on top. The aroma was pungent and earthy.

On the inhale it's very musky, and the rosin has a great spice tone as well. There's some great caramel tones at the edge of the traditional 'hashy' taste that pervades this. Overall it's mellow with a return to the clean spiciness.

The high here starts at the eyes, and then moves upward to open up the 3rd eye. I have not had this effect from cannabis without combining it with intense meditation before. I felt so open, and clear minded. My body and mind then relaxed, while staying clear. I was chill as can be, and calm, without any fog. At the end, this was sleepy.

Overall, this is just a fantastic, fun product made with cannabis from a farm that cares more than most. Their product shows it - this is clean, tasty, and has profound effects. If you can find this, buy it, and smoke it!

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