Thursday, January 5, 2017

Gorilla Glue #4 - Sweet As at North Bay MJ

Gorilla Glue #4 - Sweet As at North Bay MJ
I hate reviews like this, and I spent considerable time wondering if I should review it at all. This is a sponsored review after all! My sense of integrity compels me to fulfill this review instead of leave it sitting.

After taking this gorgeous #nugporn, DabTechDanny said nothing to me until I downloaded the photos and opened them on a big screen. And right as the file opened he said, "Look." Ugh.

That's a big long nasty hair grown through/wrapped around the bud. These things happen, but they're disgusting when they do. Black market, I'd be upset. Legal, retail product? This isn't acceptable.  I wish I'd seen it before buying, you can almost see it right above the space at the end of 'Flower' on the label. Or can you? This sort of thing should be caught in Quality Control when looking at the bud.

UPDATE: One of the owners of Sweet As! farm Green Freedom, reached out via chat and was definitely apologetic. In Spencer's words, their "goal [is] to have the utmost care and proper attention to the product as it makes it way through our facility".  He expressed embarrassment that the internal Quality Controls did not catch this, and of course it sucks that it ended up in a review.

He said they have instituted more aggressive QA checks already in response to this. I don't want anyone to end up feet in the fire over this exactly, I do want to be sure that all the future bags of Sweet As! and Elements cannabis is free from foreign matter.  See this as intense QA from a loving customer.

That said, these things happen and this was exceptionally great cannabis. We plucked the hair out, then smoked the weed, like cannaseurs do.

The smell has a soft sweet hay tone, with little else present there. There are nice greens and short, tight hairs. Broken open, and warmed by manipulation a bit of traditional 'pot' smell rises up.

On the inhale, there's a nice sweet, velvety texture and flavor. There's good traditional Glue flavor at the sides of the mouth, with faded pine notes. Sweetness hangs around quite a while too.

A pleasant stoneyness sets in quickly. There's heavy sideways effect, and a high that got foggy. Then, that all clears up and a swift balloonheaded rush of energy. This is energetic and potent! Legs are really short.

Overall, I'm strongly disappointed to get foreign matter, and it being hair is pretty disappointing. In the end though, this is some heady, fast, solid sativa with a stoney start-off, and a yawny end. Overall a good Glue.

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