Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Gorilla Glue #4 Terp Wax - American Sensi Garden at Tacoma High Society


Gorilla Glue #4 Terp Wax - American Sensi Gardens at Tacoma High Society
WOAH! This tiny little artisan brand, American Sensi Garden is kicking out straight FIRE. You can find them at a few select stores including of course our sponsor Tacoma High Society (soon to be Tacoma's Connection) and the funkiest pot boutique in Gray's Harbor, our friends at Sweet Leaf! The primo brand Weed Bunny is extracting their flower, and doing a terpy job of it.

I enjoyed this while chilling with Instagram cannaseur @nippseydabbler but the video of this review got interrupted because were high as hell, and forgot to do the things (like hit record, basic stuff).

Take a look at the texture on this! These bright goldenrod colored globules sparkle with terps. They're not too juicy, but wet.

Aroma is intensely "gluey", the traditional bright piney flavor and on the inhale this is intense! The glue is for real. Citrus edged pine and the soft, fuzzy mouthfeel.

Head on this was instant, you get that traditional "glued" high. Super heavy feel right all over, feel it in the eyes and back of your head like all over. Shoulders fairly melted and my spine had a hard time keeping me in place, if my ass wasn't stuck.

Overall, the high was relatively long-legged, along with flavor that was straight on point and effect that's just fire. I'm looking forward to more of this ASG brand, I heard they've got Green Crack on the menu next!

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