Thursday, January 19, 2017

Lodi Dodi - Forbidden Farms at North Bay MJ


Lodi Dodi - Forbidden Farms at North Bay MJ

No matter what you get from Forbidden Farms, it's going to be awesome cannabis. And it came from North Bay MJ so you know it's a great deal from the best potshop in Mason County and Belfair!

Through the packaging, you can see how sparkling brightly frosted the buds are. Opening the bag, it's huge pine and those crystals are everywhere! It's pretty well cured, but the trichomes are still sticky and are everywhere they touched.

Aroma on this is incredibly pungent, especially when broken open. There are bright crisp fruit notes throughout this aroma, raspberry, cherry, and a great sweet diesel. So truly loud.

On the inhale, this is bright, crisp diesel up front with huge cherry aroma. On the exhale, it's a cherry wrapped in limes. This is hugely sweet, and the cherry flavor sticks around on lips and tongue for quite a long time. It's almost like Luden's cough drops in it's sweetness, Exhale also smells like bright cherry, and it's a big throaty.

The head comes on strong here, it's right in the eyes. Eyes are the most affected with temples second. There's serious sideways euphoria, like we were on a Tilt-a-whirl, sliding off our chairs. Our heads got giggley and we definitely were loopy. This was intense!

Overall, this is super crisp and frosty cannabis with immense fruity tastes. The high is huge and legs are massive. Awesome hybrid from a great farm. Definitely buying this one again.

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