Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Mr. Nice Guy Bubble Hash Rosin - Northwest Pearl

Mr. Nice Guy Bubble Hash Rosin - Northwest Pearl

This is The. Palest. rosin product I have seen. Also, this is like nothing else I have ever seen, period, and I've seen quite a bit. When my homie Enzo came over for Christmas Eve Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 38, he brought his solventless knowledge (go see the hash and listen to the knowledge!)

Opening the jar, I barely wanted to pass it around for smells. It's got a sweet aroma, dank! There's huge piney diesel edges and a limonene-rich citrus blasts through the sinuses and back of the mouth - on the smell!

The product looks like a tiny chunk of cheese or something, and it's so pale. So, so pale. It cuts like a firm cheese, as well, staying clean where it's cut. The product is so velvety smooth and absolutely clean, with perfect consistency.

It's hashy on the inhale with incredible lemony-clean center. Mouthfeel is interesting, there's a definite presence at the sides of the cheeks and in the back.

After my first dab of this, I tried to talk 3 times in the time it took DabTechDanny to take his bonghit. This brought a serious hush, and an upwelling up joy. This is an intense, intense high. I was brought through so many realms of existence. My eyes started watering and I was barely able to communicate. I didn't want to. It was so laughy and intense and woah!

Overall, this is legitimately the best rosin product I've encountered in Washington. Color and consistency - both visual and physical. This melts - dissolves really - into my quartz banger and just brings the flavor. This product is a level unto it's own as far as quality goes.

Well done, I'm super impressed by Northwest Pearl and the whole team, with the amazing, next-level product they're turning out. As Enzo said, Yields are down, bro! You can't rush or push quantity with hash rosin like this, so there is not often a ton of it around. You may not find it even at North Bay MJ! You can get Jeffreys, and the best 5-6 star bubble hash, they're choosing one store per region/county to really heavily stock their product. Good looking out - get that top shelf product with cannaseurs who want the best solventless on the planet.

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