Monday, January 9, 2017

Sour Tangie CO2 Crumble - Curious Crow Cannabis Co at High 5 Cannabis


Sour Tangie CO2 Crumble - Curious Crow Cannabis Co at High 5 Cannabis

I live that #dablife.  I love concentrates, and when my newest sponsor Curious Crow Cannabis Co. said they were coming out with a CO2 crumble I knew I had to get it! Luckily, I was in on the very first drop at High 5 Cannabis.  This is exclusive to High 5 in Southwest Washington.

I've never even heard of a CO2 crumble before, and this is magical. Before I even opened the package, I was impressed. I bought two half grams of this, and the consistency is ON POINT, you can see. Every bit of this looked almost identical in all physical characteristics - texture, color, consistency - and ultimately it all smoked the same as well.

Aroma on the crumble is pale citrus sweet. There's firmness to the texture, like an airy candle wax. When broken, it holds it's edge very well, even if you take just a sliver off. If you smoosh it, it crumbles into clumps. It is really easy to work together as well, although it really is not sticky at all, even when it starts to melt.

The melt is incredible! The rich, full orange color with russet edges becomes a darker orange, and holds it's form for a very long time! At low temps, this holds up for a while and just gets darker and darker until it's gone. On the inhale, there's a pale citrus flavor, and smooth on the exhale. Even on a hot dab, this is velvety smooth. There's a mouthfeel like bubblegum.

High on this unique crumble product comes on strong and stays that way. Felt first in the eyes and sides of the head, this is definitely sativa. It comes with massive uplift that does not stop. This is almost racy, yet clear headed. The focus is bright and happy.

Overall, this new product is amazing. It's a new preparation type, to me and everyone I've talked to about it at least. The preparation is remarkably clean, consistent, and so damn smooth. This type of sativa clarity is great and I know I'll be picking up more of this great product from High 5 Cannabis.

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