Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sour Tangie Kief Cone - Curious Crow Cannabis Co


Sour Tangie Kief Cone - Curious Crow Cannabis Co

These new sponsors and pals of ours, Curious Crow Cannabis Co, have got some outstanding creations. You saw the New Years Party Caviar Cone in a 3 Minute Review, and the amazing never-seen-that-before CO2 Crumble from this Sour Tangie strain was intense. Here are kief cones! Kurt, the owner, told me how they make these with about 1.75 - 2 lbs of kief for every lb of flower. That's a hearty mix!

Before I even got one of these, I was advised about them by the magnificently bearded doorman at High 5 Cannabis. He told me how he and his other budtender roommate smoked one of these 3 times! I got the 2 pack for the deal!

I did a tiny bit of manicuring on the joint before firing it up, because it is a kief loaded joint. So I loosened the twist a bit, then bounced it on the crutch a few times. I wiggled it all over and kind of flicked it a few times, then twisted it back down. It burned absolutely perfectly throughout.

Aroma is pungent and bright orange. On the inhale, this is legitimately sour, with a crisp-apple bite to it. The pungency spread to the side of the mouth and held up for quite a while there. There's a nice smoothness to the exhale, which leaves bright citrus and the real tangerine positivity all over your lips. This is great!

The high on this is quite fast, and it comes to the sides of the head. There's an upwelling of euphoria and wobbly. We got giggley, and our conversation sped up. Happiness welled up in us and we were definitely elated. Our minds wandered and we came back to a smooth sort of chill right at the end.

Overall, the joint was hugely potent. The legs on this were pretty incredible, also. Flavors were pretty sweet, with bright citrus and pungency while staying smooth, and the effects sparkled. I love these things and they're definitely well worth the money, but I think maybe smoke half of one tops, then see how it goes!

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