Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sour Tsunami (Pre-rolled) - Rainier Acres at High 5 Cannabis

Sour Tsunami (Pre-rolled) - Rainier Acres at High 5 Cannabis
This is the first time I've had this brand, although I've heard great things about them. The price on this joint is a bit higher than other 1 gram prerolls, but these are definitely worth it with their high CBDA and relatively low THC count. Once again, this is another High 5 Cannabis exclusive brand AND product, in Vancouver, WA. At least for now!

Opening the tube, the joint had nice crisp berry aromas a fresher, brighter note of apple. The joint is rolled well and needed just a tiny bit of management to be ready to smoke. It fired up quickly and burned well. You can see the quality on the flower inside of the joint is huge, sparkling with trichomes and it appears to be pretty much all bud.

On the inhale this is hugely sour, all over, with robust undertones. The smoke has sharp pine edge without the usual brightness or sweet citrus that might be there. This is a great flavored cannabis. The exhale is skunky as can be, and robust with a sagey tone on the end.

Right away, this is calming. I feel anti-anxiety almost instantly. There's a good sense of well being that settles over you in a relaxing blanket of calm and couchlock. This is definitely the CBD effect we expected, and it keeps you relaxed like a light knit blanket, napping on a summer afternoon in a shadey spot, and you know everything is ok now, and it will be later too.

Overall, legs on this were impressive, and I absolutely loved the effects. This was potent, on point, and intense.

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