Sunday, January 15, 2017

Wild Man - Sticky Budz at High 5 Cannabis

Wild Man - Sticky Budz at High 5 Cannabis
I got this when Sticky Budz had a Vendor Day at High 5 in Vancouver, WA. Talk about deals. You see the price on this? Well I got it at $5 a gram because I got the deal when their rep Mario was in store! Deals like that require coordination, due to the rules for pricing on cannabis in Washington's recreational cannabis market. Plus, he was there able to give away hats, tshirts, and more to customers buying the product, as well!

This flower is pungent - Stinky Budz for sure! Opening the bag is a rich aroma, with sage undertones. Breaking the bud down, it's got an incredibly savory aroma. Right away, the sage, savory, and pungency make it come across like heavily herbed meatballs. The smell end with massive diesel.

On the inhale, this is sweet right away. It has massive citrus notes, pungent as can be. There is a nice herbal tone on the exhale with a brief edge of cucumber. After a couple tokes, the flavor took on a sweeter note, and hints of dark berry came through. This was seriously complex throughout.

Definitely indica, this has got massive chill. Mind is distracted and floating, with huge euphoria that rushes in from the sides and leaves upward with a loose, relaxed neck and stoney eyes. This super chill experience is smooth to a sleepy end.

Overall, this is some dank flower. It's flavors were so complex, and delicious. The high is everything you could want out of a heavy indica, and potent. Plus, I got it at the absolute best potshop in Vancouver, WA. Seriously they have the most Vendor Day events and there's usually glass melting demonstrations along with it.


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