Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Gorilla Glue RSO - Evergreen Extracts at High 5 Cannabis


Gorilla Glue RSO - Evergreen Extracts at High 5 Cannabis
I got ahold of this RSO when Evergreen Extracts were in the house at High 5 Cannabis for a Vendor Day! Anytime there's a vendor day there, you know there are going to be deals. (On top of the daily specials!) Also, that trip, I picked up a glass dab straw and made a video about it, featuring this dark and tasty RSO (aka Rick Simpson Oil).

The product itself is dark and thick. It's got a great texture to, it moving freely at room temperature without falling apart or sapping all over the place. There's a nice moment when the RSO pops out into a blob, and then it sort of settles down but it stays firm and lifted up off the surface.

I enjoyed this in a dab, the flavor was intensely natural. There's a rich botanic flavor, with deep oily tones through the whole experience. Definitely has vegetative matter in the mix, which sticks around in the reclaim and whatever you smoke it out of.

Eating this, it's got the same botanical flavor as on the dab. It's got a back-of-the-mouth bitterness that goes quick, but the botanical oil flavor sticks around for a considerable amount of time, especially if you let it hit the teeth like I did! I took about 0.2 grams to eat.

The high is similar in both, just difference in when it hits. The edible hits considerably later. There's a nice central body high, with relaxation and chill being central to the experience. A bit of heady lift, but mostly clearheaded throughout the thoughts. Legs are long, and sturdy. This sort of fades off into a sleepy, dull end. It definitely needs a nap, or a long afternoon of nothing going on.

Overall, this was great as dabs, and solid for an eaten experience. This is also life-saving cannabis oil that cures cancer. Let's be real, this is the best of medical marijuana, being a full plant extract.

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