Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Twisted Diesel Shatter - Kola Bear at High 5 Cannabis


Twisted Diesel Shatter - Kola Bear at High 5 Cannabis

I met Paulie D from Kola Bear (@fourdubfarms) at yet another amazing Vendor Event at the best potshop in #VanWA - High 5 Cannabis! The next weekend, we were hanging out at Cannacon Seattle 2017! I got to ride the Cannabus that @FourDubFarms sponsored, shot an awesome party video and tons of stills. It was a blast! Here are a couple shots from the Vendor Event and Cannacon Bus Ride - stay tuned for much more content from there!

Vendor Day and Cannabus Party
When I picked this up, it was a special because they were in house. I learned this Twisted Diesel is all the diesels they grow, in one great run. I think they make a flavorful, sharp, Sativa shatter.

When I got it home, I was super happy. This has got a crisp, bright golden color that is just exquisite. The product is translucent and the edge glasslike. You have got to take care when breaking it, as it flies everywhere. Good thing it comes with a relatively flexible silicone inlay, which can fold over the product pretty well. There is virtually no aroma on the concentrate.

On the inhale, this is bright and tastes crisp. It's got rising bright lemony notes, with an added blueberry note on the exhale - like a light blueberry lemonade almost. This is a bit sharp, and there's some burn. The end of the exhale is tight in the chest and there's a bit of a shattery bite. This is somewhat an expected quality in product this glassy, even on a low low temp dab. At the end is a little gas. I like something to have that hardcore diesel gas at the end like this, it just hangs for a moment them gone.

The high on this is bright as well, uplifted with a lot of energy. The various diesels mixed in here definitely give you the go, you want to do more. Legs were relatively brief, for all the intensity of the high.

Overall, I'm impressed by the quality of the product, and having spent much of a day hanging out with them, I'm glad to know they're so committed to quality product and great pricing. These are some real cannaseurs who want to be a part of shaping the industry moving forward.

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