Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Cinex EHO Shatter - Orgrow at High 5 Cannabis

Cinex EHO Shatter - Orgrow at High 5 Cannabis
The first time I encountered a decent ethanol hash oil in I502 was when Orgrow came to my Marijuana Encyclopedia almost 30 episodes ago! Mad scientist Casey had some incredible product and her skills have grown over time, as demonstrated by this.

I love the way the Orgrow logo fits so wonderfully on the lid, and you can see the product well through the package. Opening up, it's a glistening, glassy look with a hard surface. The aroma here is absolutely of honey. It's clear right away, and sweet.

If you tap or smack at this, your tool will go in, and it may shatter. However, if you take it easy, and go slow, especially with a little twist, you can get a nice gooey, slow caramel texture out of it. Thinned out, it's a great clear pale gold.

On the inhale this distinct, strong flavor of hash and caramel comes through and holds. There's a brightness to the edges like a whisper of citrus from next door, then it's gone. The exhale is smooth but comes right back quickly for a bite in the throat which leads to a bit of tight chestedness.

We all found ourselves only able to take little breaths and make groaning noises for a half minute, a half minute after the exhale.

The high on this is rockety. There's tons of energy and an interesting effect of pain relief. Maybe it was because I was so preoccupied with the tasks at hand! Along with that energy came suppressed appetite - an often unmentioned side effect of sativa dabs.

Overall, legs were short on this, but the consistency was interesting. That high was all that I sought from a Cinex, too. Great preparation and overall very clean. Once again, I'm impressed!

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