Monday, March 6, 2017

Dirty Girl Wax - SPP at High 5 Cannabis


Dirty Girl Wax - SPP at High 5 Cannabis

I saw the SPP booth at Cannacon when I was there with my sponsor and friends Integrity Labs. I grabbed some swag, and they did a really cool thing - cake with SPP at 4:20! How can you say no! Otherwise, it's been a while since this brand hit the table (click the SPP tag below the review description!)

Opening this jar, I was surprised at how remarkably consistent this dry, yellow crumble is. The small nuggets, the large piece, all are dry and clean. The product holds up to interaction, and takes a bit of force to crack a piece off. If you put pressure directly down on this, it will crumble down a bit.

The melt on this is smooth and quick. It's got a huge mustiness, with a huge fuzzy taste. This flavor is clean and layered but it tastes - as Dab Tech Danny said - just like Aberdeen. There's this fuzzy cat hair flavor to it. Not burnt cat hair. Cat and cat hair. It's weird but there it is.

A sweetness comes through and sticks around in the mouth through the end of the the exhale. That mustiness holds on and this turns nosy and biting in the sinuses even without a nose exhale.

The high is instantly heady, and crumbly. I got lost entirely, dumb. All is rambling - my thoughts my hands, my nerves, my mouth. This girl is definitely dirty, and talkative all night long. Legs are pretty short and this is moreish - meaning I want more right away!

PHO - propane hash oil - means that this is made with propane as the solvent to extract the cannabinoids. I personally am not a huge fan of this method as it generally has a low taste and this ultra-dry feel. There's plenty of waxes, but little terps. Even so, the effects on this were great and I would not hesitate to dab this clean preparation again.

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