Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Globstopper Wax - Skunkworx at Tacoma High Society


Globstopper Wax - Skunkworx at Tacoma High Society
I got this at our awesome sponsor Tacoma High Society - it's been ages since I've seen this brand anywhere, and altho I have never reviewed any of their product, I have enjoyed several varieties (and even have some old reviews in the pipe for them!)

Opening the container, there's a decidedly strawberry aroma, with solid citrus notes throughout. The texture here is greasy sugar. With just the least pressure, this separates as though it's really dry.  It definitely requires a scoopy tool. It's weird - greasy and glimmering like it's wet. But once broken, it falls and sifts apart as if it's as dry as it gets.

This doesn't melt so much as it dissolves. The aroma doesn't really carry over to the flavor - there's a really limonene profile. Lemon is harsh up front and heavy throughout to a bitey exhale. It doesn't stick around for long, with some tight chesty bite at the end.

The high is well balanced, with a stoney head and a melty, relaxing body effect. This is great TV watching weed - a great movie dab! Don't try and do anything with this because it's also dopey and dumb. Legs were short and the high was over fast, so plenty of dabs!

Overall, the color and consistency are way higher quality than the flavor and high. This is a bit tight on the smoke, but the high is super. Relaxing, chill, but heady. Legs were short, and I dabbed this all fast.

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  1. Sounds like my something I'd Love! Have not heard of Tacoma High Society but might have ti start check them out. I find it fairly difficult to get stoney oil most tend to be stimulating.