Thursday, March 9, 2017

Green Crack Wax - Made Right at Tacoma High Society


Green Crack Wax - Made Right at Tacoma High Society

Made Right have consistently been good, middle-market cannabis and extracts.  They're a staple at Tacoma High Society, and the constant variety is exceptional! 

Opening this up, it's got an aroma like dry, warm hay at the edges. It's definitely a natural, green kind of smell. Interacting with the concentrate, it warms up and the bright green aroma becomes more present. Also, the consistency turns much more caramel and color is clearly oranged up.

On the inhale, this has got a massively oily mouthfeel, right away. It's like I swirled some vegetable oil in my mouth, everywhere. Under the tongue, back of the throat. The flavors are warm and earthy, with caramel sweetness on the edges. There's a rich funky undertone that rests on the center of the tongue.

A big fat dab of this had me vibrating in my seat, while I worked with a fever pace. This energetic mental power stuck around with very long legs, as I edited photos of product.

Overall, the texture was solid, and aromas were very potently natural. The mouthfeel was a bit gross, honestly, and the flavors are definitely earthy leaning. However, the sweet edge and this intense sharp energy high was just what I needed, and exactly what I want out of green crack!

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