Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Acapulco Gold Wax - Hi Guys at King Cronic


Hi Guys are also the Dab Dudes. They're a company in Longview, actually called Cowlitz County Cannabis and they're awesome. Their product is tested by Integrity Labs, and they definitely have #DabsWithIntegrity. I got the chance to chat with the Dab Dudes at Cannacon when I was working with Mark Hubbard and his team in their booth.

Honestly, the pricing on Dab Dudes and Hi Guys product is great. They're putting out a huge quantity of good quality, exceptionally well priced concentrates on the market. I was stoked to find this at just $20 a gram. This is an absolutely clean, exceptionally well handled bargain.

The color is a dark amber when it's a bit thick, but broken down this somewhat dry, crumbly wax is actually a gorgeous golden color. Even though it's somewhat dry, it does stick to itself and the dabber. Once broken up, there's some wet to the wax.

I took this dab with my quartz banger pretty hot. I generally take lower-market dabs a bit hotter than the good good. The dab actually held up in my quartz banger. I was shocked. I had time to observe it, look surprised, say "Hey Danny look at that!" and then dab, and it still took my full lungs before it all vaporized. Never had that happen before!

On the inhale, the smoke is also dry, with sweetish alfalfa flavor, a dry soil taste that sticks around and keeps the mouth dry for quite a while. Immediately after the exhale, a deep berry note hits and sticks around riding the top of that dry soil tongue.

This sativa hits fast, with side head feeling almost immediately. This lifts up to the top of the head and shoots out into the universe from the top of the dope, like a beacon. A focus drives this high to be productive. Everything got done! This had slightly short legs, but that's what you'd expect from a sativa of this heady intensity.

Overall, I this product kills it on looks and high. The flavor and aroma are not all that exceptional, although the dry mouth effect was pretty remarkable. As was the fact that it held up so long in a hot banger. The whole gram did that. I'll definitely be back for more #DabsWithIntegrity with the #DabDudes and #HiGuys!

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