Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Dank Sinatra (Pre-roll) - Kali Products at Lucid Martin Way

Dank Sinatra (Pre-roll) - Kali Products at Lucid Martin Way
On a recent visit to Lucid on Martin Way, I was happy to run into Christian, one of the managers and ownership team at Lucid. He had been over in the east of the state for months, making sure the Cheney and North Spokane stores are doing the awesome they need in their early days of operation. We first met on the opening night of Lucid Martin Way and his recommendations have always been perfect. This Dank Sinatra may not even be available in joints, I see eighths on their menu as of this writing.

I love the tube - it's sealed with wax. However, it seemed like the color of the wax was not related to the product - I got a couple of these Dank Sinatra joints, same lot number and everything, with different colored wax lids. A different strain joint - which I do not recall as the joint did not make it to photo studio - had the same color wax as this tube. Anyway, cool sealing method.

Opening that tube, there's a dank, rich aroma. The joint smells like peaty undergrowth and there's a heavy sweetness riding on top that profile.

The joint is nicely packed, tight to the crutch, and I barely manicured it at all to get it a nice, clean, tight pack. It felt really legit and sturdy. The flower is obviously gorgeous inside, frosted and hairy buds. That notwithstanding, I still got a pretty solid run in two of the three joints by this brand. I know how to manicure and work past it, but damn if bad runs aren't the worst part about buying joints.

On the inhale, this is sweet and funky. There are deep blackberry notes that rise up repeatedly. A robust skunky tone pervades the smoke throughout the exhale and sticking around in aftertaste. That skunky smell sticks around a while too, keeping it dank for a while.

The high sets in in the face right away. This gets droopy in the nose, heavy in the face. The high is super chill and dopey. The legs on this are really short, however. About as soon as the duh set it, it was fading out.

Overall, the joint was stanky danky, the flavor was funky skunky, the high was dopey chill. But the high was a flash in the pan on this one. (Actually, Dab Tech Danny and I smoked two back to back. Same legs.)

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