Thursday, April 13, 2017

Red Headed Stranger - Doc & Yeti at Lucid

Red Headed Stranger - Doc & Yeti at Lucid
Doc & Yeti! I ran into these guys at CannaCon when I was rocking out with the Integrity Labs booth. The team there, headed by owner Mark Hubbard, is committed and dedicated to giving the most accurate test results, helping brands to perfect their growing techniques and deliver the cleanest product possible. Here's a shot of them at the booth with Integrity COO Sus.

This Red Headed Stranger is a great flower, and I reviewed it in 2015. Talk about improvements in quality! The pictures and the flower itself.

Like before, this flower has got intense crystals. There are sticky resins all over this flower, everywhere it's just massive trichomes that seemingly covered everything. This is that sticky icky.

On the inhale, there's a distinct strawberry note to the diesel aroma. Also like before, there's eucalyptus. Where before it was the dominant tone, here it's slightly muted, riding under sweetness and citrus-gas.

Breaking this down, the hairs stay fairly intact and trichomes shower everywhere. This is some kiefy flower!

On the inhale, that eucalyptus note is everywhere, and the diesel pokes up on the exhale with a nice soft citrus finish with eucalyptus hanging around. There are bright strawberry moments, brief but adding a nice dimension.

The high on this is very talkative and uplifted. Listening to music brought this heady cannabis upward into the head. The ends got very silly, dancey, laughy.

Overall, exceptional sativa. The flavor profile is relatively unique, with this beautiful eucalyptus and sweet diesel. The high exactly as I wanted it to be, and the legs were relatively long for a sativa and especially compared to the brief high experienced on the first review of it.

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