Monday, April 17, 2017

Space Queen - Artizen at Lucid


Space Queen - Artizen at Lucid

Here's yet another top I502 cannabis brand that has #Integrity! They're trusting the professional scientists at Integrity Labs, LLC in Olympia, my friends and sponsors. They're a lab known for having high standards, especially with THC Standards and machine calibrations - the foundations of honest, accurate cannabis testing. They have service guarantees, pick up throughout the state, and they rock, overall. They're also the #DopeCup testing lab!

Artizen are known for having some of the cleanest, most flavorful cannabis with potent effects. It's a hot-button issue right now: Their labels show all the naturally derived pest prevention methods they employ. I researched PyGanic momentarily and it is organic certified through the FDA, azamax is entirely safe - supposedly. It is an insect growth inhibitor listed for being usable up to the day of harvest, which is not appropriate for the cannabis industry in my opinion. I've formulated this opinion through the information gathered from many conversations with professionals. Hopefully no one is spraying anything on flowering cannabis - but it assuredly happens.

This product is pretty awesome. Bright green buds, with so many verdant shades. There's a squishiness even though they're tight, tight nugs.

The aroma is vegetative and a bit one note. On the inhale, the vegetative flavor continues - except it's entirely complex, with deep earthy tones riding crisp bright lettuce notes. There's an overall hashy tone to the smoke. One nug had great fruitiness as an aftertaste.

The high here has got serious headiness. It's smooth and thoughtful, but those thoughts are rambling, jumbled, wild. It got a little weird. I was stuck in place, high as hell. I loved it.

Overall, legs on this were huge and the high was intense. I got stoned good and well, with a mental jumble.

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