Friday, May 12, 2017

DJ Andy - Willie's Reserve

DJ Andy - Willie's Reserve

We've had celebweed before! Not only have we chilled with Daz Dillinger and DPG Budz by Seattle's Private Reserve, but we've also done Willie's Reserve.  They definitely got some great brands delivering flavorful strains consistently.

This DJ Andy is a hardcore diesel the moment the bag is opened. The aroma is intense, and only gets stronger when the nug is manipulated. It's got bright, sweet lemon notes at the edge. The gas pervades it all.  This dat gas, ya'll! The flavor is so gassy on the smoke that those terps make it almost too loud to smoke.

For such a gassy, diesel sativa, this is an incredibly dense nugget.  This was actually tough to break down into hard little nugglets. They burned hard too. Joint weed this is definitely not! It did smoke very clean.

This gets instant heady forehead feeling with a massive uplift. Zoom! Even though there's that big heady swiftness, it's steady and relatively relaxing in the body. Legs are short, but the relaxation spreads throughout the whole body.

Overall, the flavor and aroma on this is magnificient. Loud as can be, and the stiff density of nug is unique. The high was intense and potent. Legs were short, typical of intense sativas like this.  I liked it!

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