Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sour Raspberry Marma - NWCS Magic Kitchen at THC of Lacey


Sour Raspberry Marma - NWCS Magic Kitchen at THC of Lacey

The team at Northwest Cannabis Solutions knows what's up - that's why they're consistently leading Washington's recreational cannabis market. They're always trying new treats, and their Magic Kitchen line is formulated to deliver joy. Also, they're a brand with Integrity!

I was recommended these sweets when budtenders were talking about them at THC of Lacey. Someone mentioned Mother's Day treats and I decided to get these for my wife. She enjoys edibles more than I do, and has way lower tolerance.

Opening up the package, were were pleased with the form. This treat held up well! The outside is evenly coated in sugary crystals. This layer of the treat seems to be a bit hard and with a squeeze you can mush the inside a bit, but it's still firm.

A bite is perfect with this, the Marma is absolutely consistent throughout. The jelly is firm, a texture reminiscent of lokum, also known as Turkish Delight, and when it gives it's delectable and smooth. The outer sweetness is mixed with some sort of sour crystal though not much of it. It leaves a hint instead of a presence of tartness.

Raspberry flavor pops on this, with a strong 'tang' of cannabis riding under the sweet and fruity flavor. The treat melts spectacularly and finishes with a burst of artificial raspberry and slightly sour sweetness interlaced with a relatively heavy cannabis flavor. I went back and read some reviews: in my experience, Magic Kitchen products tend to be pretty 'tangy'. I prefer to have some amount of cannabis flavor, some prefer not to have any.

I had much more of a dosage than the last few times I enjoyed Magic Kitchen products, eating several of these marmas. Again, I felt virtually nothing from this product. I did not smoke for several hours before or after enjoying about 40 mg of treats and didn't have much of any impact. I'm going to up dosage to 100mg on my next edibles voyage. My wife, however, with her 5mg dosage said she felt mild euphoria after about 40 minutes and a nice warm-bodied relaxation that stayed with her for almost four hours. She's definitely down for a full treat next time.

Overall, the product is delectable and consistent as can be. The flavor is big and fun, the texture is amazing, I love it. The effects were solid for a less-inured consumer. Remember that edibles last much longer than smoking or vaping. Get these and so much more at our sponsor THC of Lacey and THC of Olympia!


  1. Hey! Newbie to edibles here, and I just bought this product. Can you tell me about the THC to CBD ratio in this? The labels says one gummy contains 9.98mg of THC and .05mg of CBD, but I'm not sure what that means relative to my experiences. Does that mean that this has a more indica-like effect than an sativa high? Or would this be considered a pretty even mix? I tend to prefer a calming high and sometimes react poorly to strains designed for energetic experiences, so I'm trying to get as much information as possible so I can figure out what works for me. I really appreciate the help, thanks!

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment!

      CBD is the non-psychoactive, 'therapeutic' cannabinoid. As we understand the science now, CBD has massive positive impact in many ways. It eases stress and anxiety (the primary reason I consume it), increase response to other healing and therapies, and also has massive neurological benefits.

      Essentially, CBD doesn't get you high but it helps your body do well, and can stimulate healing.

  2. I'm a newbie as well. I would start with 1/2 a gummy. These made my whole body tingle so plan to stay in the 1st time you try them to see how you do. The texture and flavor is excellent.