Monday, June 5, 2017

THCA Crystalline - Gaga at THC of Lacey


THCA Crystalline - Gaga at THC of Lacey
This amazing product is new to the marketplace. Often, I hear that people are curious, but it's generally priced very expensively, and it's not available to the average consumer. This however, is priced just right at THC of Lacey and Olympia - giving consumers a chance to have some great product for a good price!

Ultrapure, this clocks in at almost 99% total cannabinoids. The color of it is definitely crisp, clean, bright. Texture is unique, like freeze dried snow or ultra-thin dried grated parmesan cheese.  It sticks to any dabs that it touches - a good thing, because that's the preferred method for dabbing this. Coat another concentrate in it, and it adds a ton. On it's own, it's a magnificent dab as well.

Depending on the strain and form, the taste is delicate. This has a melonwater profile and finishes quite clean - a sort of pale lemonade sweetness. Most of all, this is subtle flavor.  Some even claim it has no flavor, and on that I need to weedsnob them. My palate can taste a different, pale and subtle, flavor on each type of crystalline I've tasted.  Stop smoking tobacco cigarettes and you'll notice a lot of new tastes!

The high is a rockethead experience, huge THC. All of it goes straight to the dome, for me, hits me behind the head and into my eyeballs.  Potency of everything it touches skyrockets, making a small dab incredible big in your mind and soul.

The potency is what's really up. Lots of high feeling, on it's own, with every little nuance. Legs are short, but forever.

Overall, I'm a huge fan of this stuff - it's a fun little 'kick' to any dab session, it is new and therefore hot.  Although, I will say the Oleum brand Wizard Stones seem to be more potent than the Gaga brand THCA. They just hit much harder. Both of them are always in stock at THC of Lacey and THC of Olympia! 


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