Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Chocolate Hashberry - Kola Bear at THC of Lacey

Chocolate Hashberry - Kola Bear at THC of Lacey

After an exhausting day of dabbing, several of my friends and I decide to make a trip to our local pot shop out in Lacey. Walking into THC of Lacey, is always a wonderful experience! Conversing with the staff, their knowledge becomes apparent and it's always appreciated, especially recommendations by budtenders!  Tonight was no exception when the lead budtender P pointed out the Chocolate Hashberry by Kola Bear. 

Recently, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Kola Bear at FourDub Farms out in Prosser, WA. Paulie Rossner is a badass, a small business owner living the dream - hard work and more hard work! I've never been disappointed by a Kola Bear purchase! 

Having had a great experience with other products such as the limited edition Twisted Diesel Shatter, I was excited to try the Chocolate Hashberry. I opened the package and was greeted with a rich earthy chocolate which carried a hint of spice. A mellow, caramel-toned aroma rode close to the flower.

The bud itself was a deep green-gold hue with tiny brownish-yellow hairs. Breaking the bud in half I could capture the musky earth smell that penetrated my nostrils. I was excited to enjoy! The trichomes glistened all over everything. Deep throughout the flower, it was crusted in tight, fat crystals. The entire outer bud was glazed in trichomes. I bet this was sticky and wet before it had the perfect cure.

I put the head bluntsmith Herban_Dabber to work. He started with a medium-fine grind of this dense nug. Chocolate Hashberry smells even more chocolate-earthy when ground up. He used a wood-tipped hemp cone paper. These things are great, and you can reuse the tip. I've even flavored a tip, with terps.

Josh rolled a great blunt. On the inhale the smoke was harsh, on the edge of abrasive - exactly as you expect from the phenotype. It had that traditional hashplant heavy hashy taste. It's an almost overwhelming caramel that soon mellowed out with a rich note of chocolate.

The effect on all of us was that cliché stoner moment; everything in our world became funny to the point where it got really silly and at the same time I felt my body relax. A great centering feel. The solid mix of head and body makes this an exceptionally fine experience.

Overall, the flower is great, the brand is awesome, the weedman who grows, sells, and smokes it is pretty cool too - and I love the store that sold it to me! Thanks THC of Lacey for the great recommend! 

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