Thursday, August 3, 2017

Maui Super Dawg - Rootworx at THC of Lacey


Maui Super Dawg - Rootworx at THC of Lacey
I've reviewed so much Rootworx cannabis, and this is the last of this era I'll get to review - Rootworx has had a complete branding overhaul with a futuristic, clean look! When I saw some of this Maui Super Dawg on the shelves at THC of Lacey, I had to grab it.

Opening the jar, the diesel center rises up with lemony-melon edge. This sweetness is magnificent. Breaking down the frosty herb, it fairly crumbles with the ultra-crisp cure.

On the inhale, the melon is present with lemon and grass dominating the flavor profile.  There's a brief lime note under this at the end. The exhale ends bitter, with an acerbic almost rough aftertaste under the bright grassy lemon.

The high here is chill and kind of silly. My wife and I enjoyed this and got a bit dancey, listening to fun pop music in the background. Our laughter filled the room and were giddy and unfocused.

Overall, this had great terpene profile with a delicious flavor profile, even if the end was not ideal. The high was great, sativa, fun and heady with nice legs!

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