Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Yoda OG - Platinum Gardens


YODA OG - Platinum Gardens
Platinum Gardens is growing some serious flower. Their perpetual harvest has them throwing new fire on the market all the time.

This beautiful Yoda OG has got a nice sweet gardeny aroma, and then when it's broken up just a bit, the FUNK rises up. This has got a nice dank aroma, like rich earthy vegetation in a healthy forest, kicked to the side so some richness rises up.  I love it!

On the inhale, that dank funk is there throughout, and the end is sweet green. The smoke has a slight warm and silky note of texture on the exhale.

This is some damn good indica. Everything slowed way down. This came on with buzzy sidehead, and heavy eyes. The experience was full of giggles and laughter. That heavy eye stuck around for quite a while, all the way up to the nap that ended this experience.

Overall, everything I've experienced from this farm is exceptional, and this Yoda OG is definitely magnificent!

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