Monday, April 16, 2018

Solventless THCA - Daddy Fat Sacks


Solventless THCA - Daddy Fat Sacks

It all starts with delicious Daddy Fat Sacks indoor flower, kiefed gently. Then, an ice-wash to make quality bubble hash. It doesn't stop there though! With low-temp plates, the hash is pressed into rosin. Then, with care, these amazing crystals of nearly pure THCA grow.

The texture is firm, very crystalline. The color is simply beautiful - a soft golden hue with striations of slightly darker Breaking it apart is just magnificent. It crumbles at the edges into fine virtually transparent pale yellow pale crystals that powder up beautifully.

Even opening the jar after a long seal, there's not much of an aroma. Virtually all the volatile compounds that create aromatics - terpenoids and flavonoids - are removed during this extreme purification process. The goal is to get pure THCA, after all.

I enjoyed this beautiful hash concentrate several ways. Each was different to the other, with a central tone of clean, hashy magic, just barely there but all-encompassing.

First, I took a low-low temp dab (for me) at about 510 on a glass banger. It was so slow. The crystal was sizable, and the edges bubbled slow. At the end of my first slow lungful, the whole thing was melting and lightly bubbling. On that second lungful, it had low, deep flavor. Seriously rich with earthy-caramel notes. These specific 'hashy' flavors come from hashishine - an interesting terpene that forms only in the hash making process and is believed to be a byproduct of beta-myrcene.

Another way I enjoyed this was the way I would enjoy BHO derived THCA crystalline - on a screaming hot banger followed by thick sauce. I had some truly fruity pineapple something BHO to accompany this dab, something Daddy Fat Sacks sales manager Bobby had on his dabtable. This didn't burn quite as clean as BHO THCA, but the flavor was incredibly rich and caramel with incredibly fast, forehead feeling and my third eye blossomed opened.

This works great crumbled on a bowl, but like any hash you have to go slow and low temp. You don't want to scorch this delectable product.

Overall, the high on this was intense, as expected - and the flavor is delicious and hearty, yet positively delicate. The care in this process makes it all an artisanal, high workmanship product.

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