Saturday, May 12, 2018

Blue Moonshine Shatter - ODO CO2


CO2 has never been like this.  I've spent 2 and a half years disliking CO2 while begrudgingly including it in my exploration of cannabis through 5 states' cannabis scene. Generally, I would experience underlying spoiled tea flavor, or worse if they burn it - old soy sauce or rotten farm flavors.   Maybe fake flavored distillate.

Odo has changed the paradigm and Derek Hershman is behind it. He is the Lab Director with the brand and he brings a new level to the CO2 game.  He's maintaining the terpene profile in ways that aren't usually seen with this extraction method, producing high terpene or high profile oils, with some strains exceeding 20% terpenes, and about 60% total cannabinoids.

This shatter is in the 5% range for terps, rather high for the product type, and around 76% THCA.  You can find this at a variety of retailers in the $30 price range.

The stability on this is perfect. I was holding this for 50+ seconds before just dropping it into my banger. Clean and easy.  It also did not shatter into 1000 pieces, which is critical!

On the inhale, there's a sweet, clean blue flavor which sticks around throughout the dab. More clean and sweet on the exhale with a great earthiness that hung with the berry blue.

This has mad uplift, with a great side-head buzz right after the dab.  There's ongoing giggles with this blue moonshine, and happy is the keyword!  This held on and I had lots of it!

Overall, I am incredibly impressed with Odo, and especially with the skill they employ.  Considering the history - which is interesting from several perspectives - I was surprised by the sudden rise to delivering cutting-edge products that compete with equal level high terpene products for flavor and effect, at a slightly lower price point.  Plus, they'll package it in parchment envelope or silicone-in-acrylic tub.

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