Monday, May 7, 2018

Bubble Gum - Daddy Fat Sacks


This Bubble Gum strain comes from Daddy's Personal Stache which invites you to Toke and Vote! I like the idea of a brand that has a wide array of product, and takes feedback from consumers on what to keep around. There are definitely strains that are always around, like the amazing Crater Lake and Sour Kush, but this is that newnew.

The bud structure is magnificent with rich, dark green under a plethora of orange hairs. The whole bud is covered in crisp kief. Deep down, that dark green is purple.

This has an aroma like fresh cut herbs and sweetness, with a bit of a slight spicy tone at the end that tickles the nose.

On the inhale, that sweetness is everything and it finishes with a nice, clean, pale green flavor, again very herbacious but mellow and clean. The smoke is ultra smooth.

The high on this is definitely fun, with a giggley, smiley come up that hits fast. There's a lot of happy uplift, with a nice put your seat in a chair bottom to it that holds on through the end of the high.

Overall, this weed is incredible looking, smells and tastes great, with a nicely rounded high for a social delight or just a heady enjoyment of life.

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