Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sugar Black Rose - Daddy Fat Sacks


Once again, #daddyknowsbest !  This Sugar Black Rose is part of Daddy Fat Sacks' Personal Stache, on which you can Toke and Vote!  They keep the best strains, and toss the ones that don't make the cut!

I have not seen cannabis that is this bright and this dark at the same time in ages.  Colors range from clean trichomes almost white to a purple-black bud that gives the strain it's name.

Daddy trims tight, with a perfect manicure that leaves all the trichome heads luscious, and hairs wild and crisp. The moisture is just right - breaking down without crumbling away.

The aroma is redolent with musky floral notes, rich and pungent.  Under this is a spicy note that tickles deep in the sinuses. I love this! It's like a dank flower garden.

Musky pungency is the flavor as well, throughout the the smoke.  It's like a spiced floral bouquet that burns perfectly smooth, and has a sweet finish.

The high is deep, funky indica with heady notes that keep giggles and joy forefront in the mind, with a full, low-body chill.  The finish here led me to a great, dream-filled nap.  If you're after the chillax, this is the one.

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