Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Grape Ape Honey Sugar - Trichome Extracts


This extract is beautiful. It's just an amazing color, the texture's spectacular, and the aroma is powerful. For a brand new to I502, this team has got some experience.

Aroma on this beautiful, crystal-honey dab is deep and redolent of grapes, with a pale lavender under. The complex mix of terpenes is at the same time delicate and transient, but pungent and mouthwatering.

The texture on this is like a very fine Italian ice - it doesn't break apart or crumble, but stays in firm, crisp clumps. This is basically all diamonds in crystalline terps. That lavender note grows when the middle of the dab is exposed and it just spreads. This that loud!

On the inhale it tastes like layered sweet delectables - lavender cake, limoncello brightness, and a broad super sweetness that is grapey. That end note sticks around.

High on this is super duper Indica. Deep relaxation, throughout the body, calm everywhere, and restful sleep after.

Overall, these amazing terp crystals coalesced into one of my favorite cannabis concentrates that I've enjoyed in I502. The brand is new - like #newnew, months at it - and they're turning out product that competes with brands that have been in the legal weed game for 2, 3 or more years. Get you some of this Trichome Extracts and see how it's more than just a name.

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