Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Pink Panties (Preroll) - Phat Panda


On my first trip in ages to Freedom Market Kelso, I picked up a few different things but this one was special.  I haven't been to my favorite green building on the banks of the Cowlitz River in far too long, but I was greeted like an old friend by one of my favorite budtenders, Cameron.

My wife saw the strain and knew we needed to try it.  It was last Pink Panties joint, so I definitely had to get it.

Opening the tube, the aromas are bright fruity, with a slight musk underneath, and more succulent fruit undertones.  The joint was perfectly rolled and barely needed freaking.

Early in, the flavors were primarily grassy for the first hit but then this joint really started bringing the flavor.  Bright pink lemonade was forst, a light flavor which grew in intensity as it stuck around.  Then, redolent floral notes that played at the bottom of the palate.  Throughout the joint, a dank, rich, funk rode the very end notes.

This is definitely not the kind of weed to smoke right before taking a weekly grocery shopping trip.  We sampled everything, and had to go through the cart twice and purge munchies.  Even so, we still ended up with more crispy, salty, sweet stuff than was on the grocery list.  We only smoked half the joint!

There's nice relaxation and chill, with a fun and giggly sort of side-head to it.  Everything's amusing, everything's relaxing.  This would be the kind of weed for sitting on the swing in the garden, or a nice afternoon nap in the park while reading a book.

The second half of this joint took another turn - becoming quite the aphrodesiac.  Maybe it was just the fun times, the great company, and the sharingkindness of a great joint and a job well done, but this definitely got us riled up and playful.

Overall, I love this strain and this joint. It's hard to find the quality/value proposition that Phat Panda prerolls offer - gram joints $5-8 bucks in most stores, and the primo strains like Miracle Alien Cookies and PandaPandaPandaPandaPanda about 12 bucks.  You can find them everywhere, which is reassuring - there's nothing like being in a cannabis store and not wanting to pick anything up because they don't stock anything remarkable, reliable, or new ... and then you see there's Phat Panda to make sure you've got something great, and they're always rocking new strains.

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