Friday, July 6, 2018

THCA Diamonds - Trichome Extracts


I've had several kinds of THCA - solventless, a dusty one, big ass diamonds... This is a solid one for sure.  Just dank sparkly diamonds.

And the diamonds are each so dense and firm.  They barely break down, and if they do they're just diamond dust.

There's virtually no aroma to this product.  They're somewhat dry smelling with almost a hint of yesterday's '710' aroma.  Less aroma than you'd get from an empty jar that once held dabs, that's for sure.

I had several of these at once in my banger (about 0.1 gram and 0.25 gram back to back).  On a low-low temp there's a slight almost fruity flavor, but it's hard to pin down.  Something delicate and pale.

With a higher temp dab, I didn't notice much flavor here either, just the hot zing of a high temp dab.

I also liked to put these on saucy dabs, like the delicious Trichome Extracts Purple Cotton Chem, and they just give the dab so much more potency and kick. I like it. So I did it again.

The high on these THCA diamonds is punchy, with a heady rush that just goes.  It's from 0 to 420 instantly for me!

The high can be finish a bit wearily, tired, worn out.  It's such a fast quick ride, so you need to dab some more.

I definitely love this extract, they're clean, delicious, sexy diamonds that go well with everything!  The color on these isn't perfect perfect, but the next generation I saw forming were splendid, and this tech is being improved on day by day. Trichome Extracts might be new in the #I502 game, they've got mad experience.  This is their early work.  #entknows

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